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First of all I want to thank my wife for keeping our businesses running when I'm not in Belgium. Without her, I could've only dreamt of doing these tours. I'd also like to thank my daughter who studies in Pittsburgh and has been assisting me during my journeys in the USA with things like general questions or booking a flight. She is also the one who helped me get this website up and running.

On this page, I would like to thank the people and businesses who helped me in one way or another during the trip. Whether they helped me find interesting places and people to map the tour or offered to show me memorial sites and monuments.

Thank you for all your help. God bless.


Pé Peter Rutten

If I ever want to know a specific detail of WW1 or WW2, I can always count on this walking encyclopedia. On top of this, I would like to thank him for helping me search for the Coming World
Remember Me statuettes.


HOG support team


thank you for bringing me into contact with the right people!


Harley- Davidson of Miami


I would like to thank Dave Cinielli (veteran) for helping me store my motorcycle during my absence. I appreciate it tremendously. 

On Saturday March 14 I picked up my motorcycle. 

Dave, thank you for the good care and nice reception,


Many dealerships can take an example from this.

    God bless, John.

Music city roadhouse 


Mac and Terri,


Thank you for the awesome music which keeps me going on the road.


Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1048

Daytona Beach

I would like to thank the people of Chapter 1048 for the warm welcome.
Rod Philips, thank you for contacting me and offering a solution if I had no place to park my motorcycle for the time that I had to go back to Belgium.

Grateful for their help with my CWRM project:
- Jaak Dirkx for donating a statue, Kinrooi.
- Erik Smeets for donating two statues, Maasmechelen.
- Coen Coox for donating six statues, Maasmechelen.
- Franky Platteeuw for getting the leaflets, Ypres.
- Mrs. Decoutere for donating two statues, Brussels.
- Anonymousfor donating two statues.
- Mr. Van Eygen H. for donating two statues, Kinrooi.
- Everyone who gave me good contacts
and locations.

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