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© Collectie In Flanders Fields Museum

This is a trip

to donate a statuette to the 
WW1 memorial in Washington DC. 

And a few days later

the trip from Houston to Kansas City to donate a statuette to the 
WW1  Museum in Kansas City.


In between the moment I created a display stand for the statuette, and the moment I donated it at the

WW1 Museum in Kansas City, MO, there were:

  • 8 Flights

  • 9 Overnight stays

  • A 3000 km motorcycle ride to Kansas City, MO

  • This journey ended with a 2200 km ride back to Houston, TX in 2024.

In order to be able to donate the statue to the WW1 museum in Kansas City, MO, I had to adjust my originally planned journey (A ride following the complete outer edge of the United States) and schedule this extra trip to the middle of the United States.

Donating the statue together with Axelle at the WW1 monument in Washington D.C. was no problem as I was able to make use of a long layover to Pittsburgh, PA.

         WW1 Memorial Washington DC.

        Daniel Dayton   John en Axelle Sterkendries


  John Sterkendries   Daniel Dayton


 Chris Christopher   Daniel Dayton   John Sterkendries

The bugler, respectful and very imposing, repeated every day.

In the front the donated statue.  


         WW1 Museum Kansas City

Afbeelding 8.png

Donating the statue to the WW1 Museum Kansas City


A 7-day journey through 10 states:

Texas               Houston

Louisiana        Shreveport/Bossier City

Arkansas         Hot springs

Tennessee       Union City

Kentucky         Arlington

Illinois             Chester

Missouri          Saint-Louis

Iowa                 Ottumwa

Nebraska         Nebraska City

Kansas             Hiawatha/Troy




The statue is in there R.A. Long Learning Center that overlooks the poppy field.
They host educational events, field trips and more in that space and it will be seen by a lot of people.

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