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Coming World Remember Me

      600.000  STATUES   -   600.000  NAMES


There were at least 600.000 casualties of the First World War in Belgium alone.
Of these, an estimated 550.000 were in Flanders.
There are at least 300.000 soldiers buried there.
Another 200.000 soldiers were wounded.

Millions of people, from over 50 countries fought there during WW1.

Since this "War that ends all wars", another 130 major wars have changed the world as we know it.

Each statue in the art piece displayed below represents a fallen soldier in WW1. For months, I have been reaching out to provincial authorities, municipalities, friends and acquaintances to acquire some. 
Now that I have collected a few statues, my mission is to bring these to the U.S. By handing them over to WW1 Memorial Sites and Veterans' families, I would like to think that these soldiers made it back home and to keep their memory alive.

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