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3rd trip - My friend Willy

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

I would like to dedicate this trip to my good friend Willy.

The nasty disease Covid took this fine man from us

while I was en route on this trip in the USA.

I just got back from my last trip to the US and I would like to wish everybody a healthy new year.

Instead of driving along the border of Mexico to Tucson, I got in contact with the Museum of Texas Army forces in Austin.

They organised on the 15th of December a little Christmas party and invited me to join them.

Because I had a few extra days, I contacted the Houston National Cemetery who also invited me for a visit.

I was impressed by the size and maintenance of this cemetery.

I had a nice conversation and I donated a statue, they where restoring the building at the entrance.

Once renovations are done, they will make a cabinet to display the statue, flyer and my story at the entrance room.

At the end of my previous trip I drove to the National United States Armed Forces Museum in Houston, which unfortunately was closed due to COVID.

Thought I'd give it another try on this trip and I was lucky, it was open and they offered me a guided museum tour for several hours.

It is a comprehensive museum with many interesting pieces.

After looking for a WW1 memorial in Houston I ended up on the site of the "The World War I Monument" this monument is to be found at the Heritage Society plaza behind the Museum, adjacent to Sam Houston Park. It consists of a bronze plaque set in a granite block. An eagle spreads its wings over the list of names of local soldiers who died in that war.

Because I had a few days before I had to drive to Austin, I drove to Galveston and visited a few memorials

and the Mexican Telegraph Company’s Galveston transmission shack.

On December 13th, I drove to Austin through Columbus and San Antonio.

On my way to Austin I visited the Texas Air museum in San Antonio, which was sadly closed upon my arrival which I was told by an employee.

After I introduced myself, the man told me that he had to work there for a few hours and that I could walk around freely. I was amazed by their collection, also nice material from ww1.

In San Marcos, I visited the Commemorative Air Force Central Texas Wing.

A museum with airplanes and items from www1, ww2 and other battles.

They also have the restored airplane “That’s All, Brother” which is a Douglas C-47 Skytrain that led the main airborne invasion of Normandy.

A retired pilot gave me an interesting tour.

My final stop was on December 15th during which I visited the Texas Military Forces Museum. The people there asked if I could tell them about my trip and the Coming World Remember Me statue that evening at their Christmas gathering which I happily did.

I returned that evening, they had provided a table and I told why I was making this trip through the USA. I donated my second statue/last of this trip there. They are going to display it at the entrance of the base so that everyone who visits the base can see it.

When I have collected all the pictures from my cameras, I will come back with the complete story of this trip...

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